Runners: Perfect 10K Pedicure

One of the most popular sports right now is running. Maybe you love it because it helps you stay in shape, or just because you are passionate about the thrill of running marathons. Your essential tool for running is your feet and, therefore, they require special care.

Mi Calle de Nueva York launched a special pedicure service with these necessities of runners in mind: Perfect 10k Pedicure. It’s a service with three treatments that prepare, rehabilitate, and maintain runners’ feet. The part of your body that takes you through every kilometer deserves this kind of care.

The Pre-Running pedicure assures that the nails are shortened in the correct manner to reduce the risk of the most common problems for runners, like fractured and ingrown nails. Caring for the nails from the root and keeping them appropriately short is essential.

In the Post-Running treatment, you will undergo a process of decongestion of the veins in a bath of, first, cold water and then, luke warm water with lavender to diminish the inflammation produced in the feet and legs by the accumulated fatigue and assertion. After the restoration of the nails and cuticles, we will apply an exfoliator and a hydrating mask. Then, you will receive a profound feet and leg massage to loosen the muscles and relax the tendons, the final step in the total recuperation process.

The service would not be complete without a maintaining treatment that we call I.T.V., which controls the growth of the nails. A protector is applied over the nails for endurance, to stop breaking and maintain the foot’s hardened sole for the best racing condition.

Pre – Running Perfect 10K Pedicure: 45€ / 45 min
Post – Running Perfect 10K Pedicure: 69€ / 70 min
I.T.V Perfect 10K Pedicure: 49€ + 25€ esmaltado semipermanente / 60 min
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