Nail Bar

Imagine yourself entering one of New York’s hottest SoHo salons. You’re warmly welcomed and shown to your seat for a manicure and pedicure. Every inch of the salon makes you feel at home. Begin to relax as the scent of apples and cinnamon wafts by and you take in the modern decor.  Imagine that you have the best beauty professional to hear, understand, and address your needs. All the treatments on the menu are at your disposal as you improve the health of your skin and nails, finally enjoying “YOUR moment”!


La auténtica manicura couture by DIOR. La gran casa de moda francesa se une a Mi Calle de Nueva York para estrenar la más exclusiva manicura. Una manicura perfecta y exquisita con tres objetivos: proteger tus uñas, despertar la belleza natural de las mismas y mejorar los efectos de acabado.

Runners: Perfect 10K Pedicure

¿Do you practice RUNNING? Mi Calle de Nueva York launched a special pedicure service with these necessities of runners in mind.

NY Moment

Perfect for day to day: a burst of energy that you need for life in the big city.

S.O.S. Treatment

Are you tired of suffering pain in hands due to the constant use of your computer and mobile phone at all hours? Every day when you kick off those high heels do you breathe a sigh of relief? We have the solution.

Organic Glam Manicure

Our new line of Organic Glam polishes come to us from the green company The Organic Pharmacy, which counts celebrities such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Gwyneth Paltrow among its faithful followers.

Shellac and The City

CND Shellac and Mi Calle de Nueva York join forces in an exclusive experience for urban women, who demand the best to flaunt perfect nails and hands.

Pink Passion

A fresh, sweet, sensory experience, total pampering and love for your feet and hands!

Back to The City

A new, fun, effective experience for tired feet that need a pick-me-up

Madison Avenue

Prevent the signs of aging and stress… your hands say it all!

ESSIE Obsession

If you are a true ESSIE FAN, you can only enjoy this exclusive ritual created at MCNY by ESSIE’s creator, Essie Weingarten! This ritual will leave your hands feeling as soft as silk, and you’ll have the luxury of choosing from 150 Essie polishes.

The Jelly Bath

Looking for a new sensation? Soak your feet in this colorful ¨jello¨ bath and experience a completely new set of feet!

The Hamptons

Perfect for lovers of luxury and comfort: Our star treatment


Say Good-Bye to tired and heavy feeling feet and legs! Ideal for travelers, athletes, dancers, pregnant women… and those of us that suffer from bad blood circulation in our legs!

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