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Your mission and strategy is to make the lives of your employees a little less complicated. Why not apply the same principle to your incentive offers? Have you think about a manicure service for your employees?

The best companies are making more and more investments in well-being programs for their employees, offering a variety of health services and compensating the employees for the progress until they develop healthy habits.

Mi Calle de Nueva York developed a series of offers based in making life easier for your workers.

manicure and pedicure

Today the manicure can come to your office. The idea is to set convenient reoccurring appointments that will come to the office at a weekly or biweekly basis.
Mi Calle de Nueva York will handle everything. We will handle making the appointments, payments, and provide all the necessary marketing materials.
We offer a selection of manicures to choose from and/or a hand and arm massage that can all be done in a conference room or any other common area.
There are two options; you can either have each employee pay for their service directly or subsidize the services as an employee benefit.
Your appointment online: Getting a manicure has ever been so easy
Choose your time, service you want and pay with you credit card

Our team
All of our estheticians are recognized professional specialists. Our election process is meticulous and we only contract the best of the best.
They are highly qualified, educated, pleasant and discrete. When they are not serving clients at companies, they are backstage at our beauty salon and they are also counselors of fashion and beauty fashion magazines with the largest circulations in Spain.

Our Manicure Services

Color change for a Fashion Emergency!

10 min. 10€

NY Minute
If you have a little time or a nail emergency.
In a blink of an eye, we will give you the hydration that your hands need, form your nails, and apply the color of your choosing. Don’t forget, of course, the most powerful nail dryer. (Cuticle treatment is not included.)

20 min. 16€

NY Moment
Perfect for the day-to-day: an explosion of energy that you need for life in the big city.
We submerge your hands or feet in our delicious, nutrient and antioxidant rich cream that activates the cell level, leaving the hands hydrated and as soft as silk (but never greasy). This treatment, of course, includes polished nails, cuticle and skin cleaning, peeling and massage, and finishes with the polish color of your choosing. The result: perfect hands.

35 min. 28€

Mini Break
A burst of energy
Our hands are constantly suffering from pain from the excessive use of computers and cellphones. This massage consists of a unique technique where the application of pressure in key points on the hand alleviate pain, stress, inflammation that help maintain the balance between body and soul.

10min. 15€

Duff Daddy Manicure
The perfect first impression
The principle problem of men’s hands relates to dry and cracked skin, which is a sign of aging and roughness. Because of this, we offer a cleaning and profound hydrating treatment to eliminate excess skin from the cuticles, bring back the natural beauty of the nails, and a relaxing massage finishes the treatment.

30min. 28€

manicure and pedicure
Nuestros servicios de manicura

Cambio de esmalte por emergencia Fashion!

10 min. 10€

NY Minute
Si tienes poco tiempo o tienes una emergencia de UÑAS/ FASHION!
En un abrir y cerrar de ojos, damos la hidratación que necesitan nuestras manos, forma a sus uñas, y aplicamos el esmalte de su elección. Sin olvidar, por supuesto, la más poderosa capa de acabado de secado (No hay tratamiento de cutículas incluidos.)

20 min. 16€

Perfecto para el día a día: una explosión de energía que se necesita para la vida en la gran ciudad.
Sumergimos las manos o los pies en nuestra deliciosa crema nutritiva y antioxidante, que actúa a nivel celular, dejando las manos hidratadas y suaves como la seda (pero nunca grasienta). Este tratamiento, por supuesto, incluye pulido de las uñas, limpieza de cutícula y de la piel, peeling y masaje, terminando con el esmalte de su elección. El resultado: las manos perfectas.

35 min. 28€

Mini Break
Un estímulo de energía.
Nuestras manos están sufriendo constantemente de dolor debido al excesivo uso de l ordenador y el uso del teléfono móvil. Este masaje consiste en una técnica única de masajes donde la aplicación de presión en puntos clave a lo largo de la mano alivia el dolor, el estrés y la inflamación que ayuda a mantener el equilibrio entre el cuerpo y el alma.

10 min. 15€

Manicure Buff Daddy
La perfecta primera impresión
El principal problema de las manos masculinas se relaciona con la piel seca y agrietada; signos del envejecimiento y la dureza. Por lo tanto, ofrecemos una limpieza y tratamiento de hidratación profunda, eliminar el exceso de piel de la cutícula, resaltar la belleza natural de la uña, y terminar el tratamiento con un masaje relajante.

30 min. 28€

Employee Benefits

It is not a secret that benefit packages for employees facilitate the achievement of negotiating objectives.

Motivating the staff on a personal level optimized productivity.
It’s a win-win that benefits the company and the employee, but the primary gain is seen the bettering en the attention to the client.

Mi Calle de Nueva York offers a wide range of sensory experiences to better the impact of corporate events, including functions, conferences, reunions, strategy sessions, team building events, employee benefits that motivate them.

The oriented incentives that better the way of life and the well-being of the employee transcend directly in the positive attitude, involvement and productivity.



Do you need to alleviate a little stress and fatigue? Our exclusive SOS treatment is just what you need! From head to foot, but with a special emphasis on your hands and feet, we massage key pressure points that help revitalize and stimulate the body and soul (polish included). After a relaxing body massage applied with essential oils, Andiroba a magic detoxifying potion with lymphatic drainage that reduces cellulite by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system. Your body will thank you!


Love Me

Sometimes all you need is a pick-me-up; we need to feel special and some pampering for a long trip! In our beauty salon, we offer natural facial treatments with traditional manual techniques and the best products such as our allied cosmetics. Your skin needs love and time to heal, hydrate, and relax itself. Tell us what works well for your skin and we will personalize you treatment!

Don’t forget your feet that your use for everything 365 days of the year and your hands that say so much about you. Our Organic Glam mani/pedi is waiting for you.

We believe that the best make-up look is one of caution. The make-up, for all women, forms part of their image and non-verbal communication. The final touch is in our Beauty Bar where our experts will give you make-up suggestions to help you in your daily routine. We invite you to a total well-being retreat, caring of your body and relaxation.


Inside & Out

The key to a healthy life! We will put a complete kit at your disposition so that you can enjoy the six dimensions of well-being: work, social life, intellect, spiritual, emotional, physical. Literation that nourish your intellect, spirit, social and professional development, a mix of steadying incense that create a perfect environment to create projects and think of new ideas. Three spa experiences like no other: a relaxing massage with hot rocks and a Back to the City manicure and pedicure. The antioxidants of green tea in this treatment increase the immunity of the skin, help cellular restoration and protect the skin against premature aging. Rejuvenate hands and arms with this natural anti-aging treatment with the powerful properties of green tea.

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