Don’t write off your beauty moment. Today the manicure can come to your office and you don’t lift a finger. We handle everything, from scheduling appointments to the form of payment… and best of all, we offer our best services and highest quality services, as always.

Mi Calle de Nueva York launched an exclusive manicure service for all the employees for companies that want to have perfect manicures at all times. We offer a selection of manicures, anti-stress arm and hand massages, etc. The service is given in a conference room or in any communal area at the office. And, there are two options, either the employees pay for their own services directly, or some companies choose to subsidize the service as an employee benefit!

Our manicure services:

Quickie: 10 min. 10€

Polish change for a fashion emergency.

NY Minute: 20 min. 16€

*(Does not include cuticle treatment)
In one moment we give you the hydrations that your hands need, form your nails and apply the color you choose.

NY Moment: 35 min. 28€

We will submerge your hands and feet in our nourishing antioxidant rich cream to hydrate and leave the skin soft, but never greasy. Includes: polished nails, cleaned cuticles and skin, peelings and massage, and the color of your choosing.

Hand Break: 10 min. 15€

A unique massage technique where we apply pressure to key areas on the hands to eliminate pain, stress, and inflammation.

Buff Daddy Manicure: 30 min. 28€

For men. We offer a cleaning, and a hydrating treatment to eliminate the excess cuticles and renew the natural beauty of the nails, and, to finish the treatment, a relaxing massage.

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