Happy Birthday Spa-Ty

Mi Calle de Nueva York, one of Madrid’s most innovative beauty salons, is celebrating ten years since it opened its doors. Over the course of these ten years, Mi Calle de Nueva York has been able to bring some of the most groundbreaking and exclusive products to Madrid, as well as world-renowned fashion and beauty celebrities, who we have had the great privilege of meeting in person at the salon. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve prepared a Birthday Spa-Ty manicure and pedicure menu featuring 10 special indulgences.

Choose your manicure/pedicure—try some treatments from our menu that will be just what your body needs:

  1. BUBBLE BATH, an effervescent cocktail for your feet
  2. DETOX exfoliation: The Seven Deadly Skins, a full-body exfoliating treatment that eliminates dead cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth and velvety with a subtle scent
  4. Your DOSE OF VITAMIN C, an antioxidant treatment
  5. SHIMMER ME SEXY candle wax treatment that combines shea butter in a luxurious oil with cocoa butter for a massage that will make feel sexy from head to toe!
  6. FOR YOUR FEET & HANDS: a paraffin treatment
  7. PICK your Anna Wintour moment, choosing from our array of nail polish options by top designers

Delight all five senses with these three latest indulgences from the salon:

  1. YOUR MOMENT, YOUR CHOICE: soothing lavender pillow, sleep mask to help you disconnect, or use one of our iPads to catch up on your reading
  2. Enjoy a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss between treatments
  3. What’s your favorite song? Select your own music!
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