Garra Rufa

Garra Rufa


This relaxing treatment begins with washing the area of the body to be treated, to remove any remaining creams or chemical products that might affect our Turkish fish. We then submerge your feet in the fish tank and the “experts” begin to work. After thirty minutes of tickling, your skin is ready for a massage with moisturizing cream that reaches all the way to the dermis layer since your pores are completely clean.

The result: exfoliated, deeply moisturized skin and a relaxing feeling that extends to the rest of your body.

Feet 30 min – 38 € (With the NY Moment or Buff Daddy pedicure: 1h 15min – 60 €)

Interesting facts about the fish:

Garra Rufa fish are quite famous. They are a species of freshwater fish that live in water basins in the countries of the Middle East, primarily in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan.

Ictiotherapy is the technique used, given its beneficial properties. The fish were discovered around 1800 and started to be used in Turkish baths around 1963 to alleviate problems with psoriasis. They have been used for therapeutic means since then, and are especially recommended for problems such as psoriasis, dry skin, eczema, toughness, leg circulation, etc.

Stimulating, beauty treatment, these little fish, only 3 centimeters in length, are authentic estheticians for your skin, since they not only exfoliate, but also hydrate. They use their mouths as a suction to remove dead cells from the area being treated, and they also secrete an enzyme called dithranol (anthralin), a very healthy substance used in many rejuvenating creams, since it hydrates the skin and leaves it with a soft, glowing finish.

Have Garra Rufa fish massage your skin, stimulate acupuncture pressure points, and stimulate blood circulation thanks to their suctioning

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