24 Heaven

Signature Spa Ritual

Ritual anti- age complete head to toe spa experience. An exquisite and luxurious pampering of the body and soul relieving stress and bringing a sense of balance and maximum relaxation. Includes Shellac in the City, perfect long lasting semi-permanent manicure and pedicure, The Organic Pharmacy Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial: An indulgent organic facial that cleanses, hydrates and renews, this treatment is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. A thorough cleansing using antioxidant- rich carrot butter is followed by a purifying rose petal exfoliation. Powerful masks are designed to brighten, decongest or tone your face, neck and décolletage, rosequartz crystals awaken the lymphatic system, and an acupressure massage firms and tones tired facial muscles. A divine massage for feet, hands, and scalp helps make this a heavenly experience and we top it off with a flash makeup session…so that you leave even more gorgeous!.

Duration: 2 hr.50 min
Precio: 186€


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